Are you unhappy with the way your face has aged? Are you considering a facelift to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth, sagging jowls, turkey neck, and other signs of aging in the lower face? Don’t be too hasty. There may be a better approach to rejuvenating your appearance–without surgery.

Our nonsurgical facelift can do many of the things that a surgical facelift can do, and, in many ways, it’s better. Here’s why.

Look Younger without Surgery | Dr. Jeff Haddad

A Facelift Doesn’t Address Your Smile

Facial aging is complex. There are many things that people notice when looking at your face that go into their estimate of your age (and health). This includes your smile. A facelift might get rid of some of the wrinkles around your mouth, but it won’t do anything about your smile, which can show your true age–or make you look even older!

For many people, tooth discoloration makes their smile look aged. Sometimes, teeth whitening is the right approach to reverse this and help the smile look younger. Other time, the teeth won’t respond to that kind of treatment, so we recommend a set of veneers or crowns that can whiten the teeth as well as reconstruct them. During your consultation, we can talk about what combination of treatments will make your smile look more youthful.

A Nonsurgical Facelift Improves Wrinkles and Folds

You probably knew that a facelift wouldn’t improve your smile, but did you know that a smile makeover can actually improve your wrinkles? It can! Here’s why:

Your teeth are actually responsible for some of those wrinkles. When we’re young, our teeth, bones, and skin all develop together. They balance one another perfectly, which is why your skin is initially taut, smooth, and full.

But over time, that balance changes. As your teeth wear down (or get lost), so the skin doesn’t have as much support. It begins to fold, crease, and sag. The skin stretches, too, but not as much as you’d think.

When we build your teeth back up to their youthful proportions, it restores the balance between the support and the skin. This lets your skin smooth, reducing folds, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Nonsurgical Facelift Results Can Look More Natural

You’ve probably seen someone who got a facelift, and now they look different. It happens quite a bit, for a very simple reason. When your teeth get worn down, it’s changing the proportions of your face. But a facelift doesn’t pay attention to that. Instead, it considers hanging or wrinkled skin to be “excess.” The solution to excess skin is simple: cut away the excess and stretch the remainder until it’s tight.

But if your facial proportions have changed, that doesn’t make you look younger, it can make you look different.

On the other hand, when we build your teeth back up, we’re restoring your youthful structure and proportions, so you look more like yourself when you were younger.

Keep Surgery as a Last Resort

This is not to say that facelift surgery is never a good solution, but perhaps you should save it as a treatment of last resort for your facial rejuvenation. After all, in addition to its limitations, facelift surgery has many serious drawbacks because of its surgical nature: there is pain, bruising, and swelling, it can take weeks to heal from (including the 2-4 weeks you have to take off from work and play). And there are risks of serious complications.

So make sure you carefully consider a nonsurgical facelift before getting surgery done.

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