For 10 months (Nov 2007 – Aug 2008) I suffered with chronic headaches on one side of my head (right), ringing and hearing loss in my right ear. I had sought assistance from 9 different doctors, had taken several tests, and was put on a number of drugs with little or no success.  When I was referred to Dr. Haddad’s office I was very frustrated and concerned I would have to spend the rest of my life on medication.  My quality of life was miserable.

In July of 2008 Dr. Haddad met with me, and asked me a lot of questions about by health, medical and dental history.  He very carefully explained what he thought was the problem and why he felt it was the cause of the pain I had been experiencing.  What he told me made sense.  He prescribed a dental orthotic for my mouth.  He explained the process of creating the orthotic, the treatment I would receive to ensure proper alignment, how I was to where it the orthotic, how long he felt it might take to see results as well as the cost involved. 

In Sept 2008 Dr. Haddad gave me my new orthotic and changed my prescription to a non-narcotic drug.  Over the next two months I started feel better and was able to decrease the drug dosage in half.  By Dec of 2008, I was off of the drugs and was only experiencing mild headaches occasionally that could be treated with regular aspirin.

I am a happy person, able to function at home and at work and without the use of drugs.  I still wear my orthotic 24/7 to see if continued use will help improve my hearing and ringing I continue to have in my right ear. 

I would highly recommend the services provided by Dr. Haddad and his staff to anyone who suffers from chronic headaches