Lasers have been used in the medical field for many years. They have simplified complicated surgeries, reduced pain and promoted better; faster healing. Today we are seeing the same benefits in the dental field when lasers are used.

Laser teeth cleanings are among one of the many uses for lasers in dentistry.

How is a laser used during a dental cleaning?

  • The energy emitted from the laser light sterilizes bacteria found in the mouth; one of the main health concerns in dentistry is bacteria entering the blood stream- this step reduces the risk
  • Another setting on the laser allows your dental hygienist to kill bacteria deeper under the tissue, this bacteria is responsible for gum disease and periodontal disease, previously this bacteria was almost impossible to reach
  • The laser is also used to remove diseased tissue allowing new healthy tissue to grow – previously this was done with metal instruments. The laser facilitates better, faster healing with less postoperative discomfort

Do laser dental cleanings hurt?

  • No, the laser setting is very low so in most cases the patient doesn’t feel anything, for patients with extremely sensitive gum tissue a topical or local anesthetic may be recommended to eliminate any sensation

What should I expect following the laser cleaning?

  • Following a laser cleaning you may be instructed to use a special mouth wash or to avoid flossing the area for a day or two
  • There are no physical or dietary restrictions following a laser cleaning
  • There is no pain following a laser cleaning

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