Jamie had an amazing first paralympics   As he is new to international competition, his goal was to try and make a top ten finish in one of the four events he competed in.  There were about 55 stand skiers in each of his events.  His first event (speed), the Super G he came in 6th!!! This was amazing and exceeded his expectations. (His run will be on Youtube soon.) His next event, the Super Combined he placed 13th.  In his slalom, he had a fall and had to hike but still placed 22nd.  His last event, the Giant Slalom, he had a DNS (did not start) because he was in too much pain.  He's been fighting pain in his left leg (his good leg) for about two months now and it got a lot worse when he was in Russia.  He worked with the doctors while he was there, but believe it is a stress fracture in his tibia.


After an intense ten months (and ten countries) of skiing, he has returned to his studies at Denver University.  Overall, a great experience for a very talented athlete.  His fans here in Michigan are all very impressed!