As we look forward to the Oscars this weekend, you can bet you’re going to see some amazing looks on the red carpet. And the stars will be doing their best to look more attractive, healthier, and younger.

One of those tricks is what has been call the hair facelift, though we like to call it the Hollywood Hair Lift. Refinery29 highlighted this Hollywood hair hack for looking years younger, showing that you, too, can take advantage of its properties to get effects similar to  facelift.

With this technique, hair stylists will take a small amount of hair from behind the ears and secure it behind the head.

The ear is the place where modern facelifts anchor their lifted tissue, which is why facelift scars are around the ears. By pulling the hair at this point, the hair lift can mimic the effect on a facelift.

This technique definitely has some benefits, but it is not as good as a nonsurgical facelift for rejuvenating your appearance.

Is the Hollywood hair lift right for you?

Benefits of the Hair Lift

This hair lift does have some things going for it. Yes, it does produce something similar to a facelift effect, albeit to a lesser degree.

The procedure, obviously, doesn’t require surgery, so you aren’t having to worry about surgical complications or down time.

Another benefit is that it can be a special occasion kind of change. If you don’t feel the need for constant rejuvenation, you can put your hair up for those times when you want to look your best.

And one of the benefits is that you’re not limited to a particular kind of hairstyle. You can incorporate it into a bun, ponytail, or even wear it under hair that’s down.

Limitations of the Hair Lift

But the hair lift does have limitations. It’s a little hard to do yourself for most people, so there’s a learning curve and not everyone will be able to do it on their own.

And it’s important to remember that this type of lift, like a facelift, depends on stretching your skin. This can only achieve a limited amount of lift, and it has the potential to distort your facial appearance. This may be even more of a problem for this type of lift because all the lifting is done on the surface, with no support from the underlying tissues.

Plus putting tension on your hair in this way can damage it. You can actually see hair loss in the areas where the hair lift is being used.

And as your hair works its way out, the effect is likely to diminish over the course of the evening.

The result is also likely to diminish over the course of an evening as the hair stretches, snaps, and works its way loose.

The hair lift likely won’t make much of an impact on jowls, turkey neck, or double chin. It will have no effect on thinning lips that result from a loss of volume in the jaw. If anything, it might make lips look more pressed and thin.

And the tension in this kind of hairstyle can lead to uncomfortable pressure in the head, even headaches.

For Real Rejuvenation: A Nonsurgical Facelift

When you are wanting to truly turn back the clock with a natural, healthy appearance, a nonsurgical facelift is a great choice. Restoring lost volume to the lower face will return your face to its youthful proportions and help you look more like yourself.

And you’ll enjoy the rejuvenating effects of a healthy, bright smile.

If you want to learn more about how a nonsurgical facelift can turn back the clock for you, please call (248) 656-2020 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.