For the most part, the dental industry resists most trends, but this has changed in the last year with the advent of charcoal toothpastes as a method for teeth whitening. But what does it do for your teeth? If you listen to Kendall Jenner, or other influencers, it’ll help whiten and brighten your teeth without using harsh chemicals. This sounds wonderful, but is it true?

Close-up view of hands of woman squeezing black toothpaste. It’ll help whiten and brighten your teeth without using harsh chemicals. This sounds wonderful, but is it true?

What Is Charcoal Toothpaste?

The charcoal of charcoal toothpaste is activated charcoal, the same ingredient as the one in water filters. The carbon that forms the activated charcoal is very porous and helps to trap things like dirt and oil on its surface. Theoretically, it helps remove stains, tartar, and bacteria. It also gives your mouth a very goth makeover.

Is Charcoal Bad For My Teeth? 

The short answer is that there isn’t enough proof to say that it’s good for your teeth. An early 2019 review in the British Dental Journal seems to suggest the exact opposite is true. It suggests that there is little to no proof that charcoal powder in toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay or other health benefits that many influencers are attributing to charcoal toothpaste. 

One major concern that you should have if you are considering following this dental fad is if you have filled cavities. The charcoal can actually get stuck in your fillings and darken your teeth since it’s almost impossible to remove once stuck. Additionally, these toothpastes are usually formulated without fluoride, which most dentists recommend for preventing decay of enamel.

Some critics of charcoal toothpaste argue that it won’t harm your teeth, it just won’t do as much for whitening your teeth as you may expect since there is a limited amount of exposure to your teeth (i.e. the duration of time you spend brushing your teeth). 

Will Charcoal Whiten My Teeth? 

Answer: Maybe. Depending on what type of stains your teeth have and how long you’ve had stained teeth, you will find varying levels of success, much like any over-the-counter whitening solutions. The best way to get your teeth whiter is to talk to a professional like Dr. Haddad to see what your best option is for the whitest smile available. 

The Verdict from a Rhochester, MI Dentist

Charcoal can possibly help lift some surface stains, but it should not be used in place of regular toothpaste for daily oral hygiene. Overall, we put it in the list of teeth whitening techniques to avoid.

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