It’s no surprise that facelifts are declining in popularity. They used to be one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the US and around the world. But these days, their popularity has fallen off dramatically.

And in some places the drop off is extreme. In the UK, for example, facelift procedures dropped off by 53% last year. The dropoff is partly due to to economic uncertainty in the country, but as one plastic surgeon has explained her decision not to get a facelift, the procedure just has too many drawbacks. This means that a nonsurgical facelift is often a better choice.

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Long Recovery Time

What is striking about this story is not just that the woman is herself a plastic surgeon, but that she’s been looking forward to getting a facelift for many years. But then she decided not to in the end, largely because of the long recovery time.

You’ll see many different estimates about the recovery time from facelift surgery, but when this plastic surgeon looked at the procedure, she realized that in order to get the results she wanted, she’d need additional procedures to help improve her jawline, lift her cheeks, and eliminate jowls.

All in all, this would require a significant surgery that would cost her a month in recovery time. That’s to allow her face to recover fully from trauma, swelling, and bruising.

Missed Work

Some recovery time is easy to work through. But that’s not the case with facelift recovery. Partly that’s because the depth of trauma to the face can be disturbed by too much activity during the recovery period. You have to avoid too much motion and avoid working up your heart rate, which could increase bleeding and bruising.

And, speaking of bruising, this can take a long time to resolve with a facelift. In the meantime, people may have faces that look like a boxer’s. Many people don’t like to leave the house to go to the store, let alone see family, friends, and coworkers during this time. And that means that you’re not working at all during your recovery. So you have to factor lost work time into your surgical facelift plans.

Looking for Subtle, Natural Results

Another reason many people are avoiding surgical facelifts these days is because they can dramatically change your appearance–and not always for the better. Plastic surgeons have gotten better about trying to preserve your natural face during surgery, but it doesn’t always work.

It makes sense that facelifts could change your facial appearance. After all, your facial proportions have changed because of tooth wear and bone loss: trying to stretch your skin over a changed face won’t make you look the way you used to.

So if you’re looking for more natural, subtle results, it’s best to try to restore your facial dimensions to what they were in the past.

A Nonsurgical Facelift Can Be the Answer

So what can you do to rejuvenate your face without facelift surgery? How’s about a nonsurgical facelift? A nonsurgical facelift addresses all these drawbacks of facelift surgery.

Because a nonsurgical facelift works by building your teeth up to restore your youthful facial proportions, it won’t make you look like someone else: it will make you look more like the way you did when you were young.

And because a nonsurgical facelift doesn’t require surgery, you won’t have any surgical recovery. You can address jowls, sunken cheeks, poorly defined jawline, wrinkles around the mouth, and more without surgery. This means not only will you avoid all that bruising and swelling, you’ll be able to go to work pretty much every day after the procedure. You may miss a half or even a full day for the actual procedure, but otherwise you’ll be able to keep working.

Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of getting a whiter, more beautiful smile–and that can help you look much younger, too.

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