If you needed heart surgery, would you choose your surgeon from the yellow pages? Of course not. And yet, some people put very little thought into choosing a cosmetic dentist, even though the health and beauty of our mouths is very important.

How can you know if the cosmetic dentist you’re considering is right for you? Here are some points to consider:

Facility Tour: Ask for a tour of the office, noting such things as advanced equipment, cleanliness, privacy, sterilization techniques and attitude of the staff.

Talk to Other Patients: Ask other patients about their experiences with the staff and dentists. Or call your State Licensing Board to uncover any complaints against the dentist you’re considering.

Education: Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized field that requires training far beyond general dentistry. Cosmetic dentists who invest their time and money in ongoing education for themselves and their staff show a commitment to their craft and to your satisfaction.

Experience: If your cosmetic dentist is recommending a specific procedure, ask how many times he or she has performed this procedure. Just as in other areas of medicine, practice makes perfect. Ask to see Before & After photos, paying special attention to those patients who have had treatments like yours.

Communication & Honesty: A good cosmetic dentist like Dr. Doolin and Dr. Haddad will reveal exactly what procedure is being recommended, how long it will take, and what you can expect after the procedure is completed. While modern advances in dental care have created many fast procedures with instant results, not all dental work is ‘fast and easy’. A cosmetic dentist who is willing to customize a treatment plan to achieve your specific goals and who will spend time answering all your questions has your best interests at heart.

Artistic Talent: Above all else, remember that your beauty and health are at stake. The best cosmetic dentists consider what procedures will work best for you and help you look and feel great. They’ll also be honest in telling you when a procedure you have requested is wrong for you and may be more harmful than helpful.

To speak to a qualified, experience and caring cosmetic dentist, please contact Drs. Doolin and Haddad at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.