While all of us begin life with nice white teeth, our daily habits take a toll over time and, as adults, we may discover our teeth appear closer to a yellowish or gray color.

Over-the-counter home teeth whitening systems offer basic whitening that may be helpful for a special event or one-time brightening. But the results simply do not last long enough and are not strong enough to make much of a difference.

Bleaching trays are another good alternative. Bleaching trays provided by your dentist are custom-fitted to your mouth and use a special bleaching gel that can be very effective. But the process takes about an hour a night and results take 7-14 days, and sometimes that’s just too long to wait.

Thank goodness for laser teeth whitening with the Zoom! Whitening System! Zoom! offers immediate results in less than two hours in your dentist’s office. For that stunning smile so sought after by so many, Zoom! Whitening System is the best solution.

Clinical studies show that Zoom! is safe and effective for whitening, and offers an improvement in whiteness up to eight-shades in just one visit. And Zoom! doesn’t cause as much sensitivity as some other methods of laser whitening.

Rochester Advanced Dentistry has happily helped hundreds of patients just like you to achieve the dazzling white smile everyone desires but few possess. Zoom! is quick, affordable, and reliable. Please contact us today to schedule your Zoom! Whitening procedure. Get in…get out…get smiling!

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