If you lose a tooth, it’s important to try to get it replaced right away, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes, your budget or your life just doesn’t have room in it for replacing your teeth. Unfortunately, when your life and your budget has the room for tooth replacement, your jaw might not anymore, as neighboring teeth can crowd into the space left by the missing tooth, making it too tight for a dental implant.

So what can we do to replace the missing tooth? We have three options.

Get your missing tooth replaced quickly

Use Orthodontics to Create the Room

Perhaps the most straightforward approach is to just move teeth back to their previous positions using orthodontics. This approach can also help with other cosmetic problems you might be facing related to crooked teeth, tilted teeth, or other tooth misalignments that commonly occur as a result of missing teeth.

There are two major limitations to this approach. First is time. Orthodontics takes time, typically a year or more, although in this case it might take less time because we may have limited goals. And then there’s the expense. Adding the expense of orthodontic treatment on top of the cost of dental implants can seem too much for some people.

A Dental Bridge to the Rescue

One of the benefits of a dental bridge is that it doesn’t have the same space requirements as a dental implant. Dental bridges don’t have roots, so there’s no concern that they’re going to be too close to the neighboring tooth roots. That means they can fit into tighter spaces.

Using your natural teeth as supports, we can design a bridge that has three teeth on it, although the space may be smaller than would normally be occupied by three teeth.

This has the benefit of being the fastest option–it can be completed in less than a month. But it may not look as attractive. After all, the teeth will have to be smaller in order to fit in the allowable space

Dental Implants and a Bridge

It’s not uncommon for teeth next to a missing tooth to suffer additional damage due to decay or wear, so it’s possible that in the time since you lost one tooth, other teeth nearby might need additional treatment or extraction. If this is the case, we can extract one or more failing teeth to help make room for an implant-supported dental bridge.

This may be able to create more room than just using a tooth-supported bridge, but it might still not be enough to create several attractive teeth. And it will take longer than a tooth-supported bridge. But it can still be an ideal option for some people, especially those who have damaged teeth near their tooth gap.

There’s Always a Solution

We know that many people just stay at home thinking there’s no way that they can get their tooth replaced. But the truth is that there’s always at least one solution–and often multiple approaches–that can give you the results you want.

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