Rochester, Mich. ––March 25, 2014 –– Rochester Advanced Dentistry, a Rochester, Mich. dental practice focusing on cosmetic, implant and neuromuscular dentistry, as well as general dentistry for children and adults, is offering free oral cancer screenings in April, oral cancer awareness month, using a new fluorescence technology called Oral ID™ to help make screenings more effective in the early detection of oral cancers. The number of oral cancers has increased significantly over the past six years, while the majority of other cancers have declined. Similarly, five year survival rates for the majority of cancers have increased, while oral cancer survivor rates are unchanged, mainly due to lack of early detection. When found in later stages, oral cancer survival rates are significantly decreased. The CDC now recommends individuals get an oral cancer screening annually beginning at age 17.

Rochester Advanced Dentistry will incorporate the FDA cleared Oral ID™ as part of its traditional oral cancer screening. Oral ID™ is a hand held device the size of a small flashlight and is used as part of an intra-oral exam. With Oral ID™, healthy mouth tissue emits a bright yellow-green fluorescence while abnormal tissue appears dark, with a lack of fluorescence.


“Dentists are the first line of defense in fighting oral cancer and we have always done head and neck screenings during every dental cleaning, but we are very hopeful that Oral ID™, which provides additional data to current oral cancer checks, will improve our efforts,” said Dr. Jeff Haddad, a partner in Rochester Advanced Dentistry. “Our screenings, which will also be available to non-patients in April, include examining the tongue, cheeks, and the roof of the mouth and surrounding gum tissue. We also check the neck for swollen lymph nodes, which can be a sign of infection or disease. We will then examine the entire mouth utilizing the new Oral ID device. If we find anything suspicious, we have the individual return in two weeks for a re-check and then make a referral to the appropriate specialist if further evaluation is needed.”

Dr. Kurt Doolin, founder of Rochester Advanced Dentistry, said the new Oral ID™ provides more data than current oral cancer checks.

“Oral ID™ will help catch oral cancer or dysplasia (pre-cancer) early and provides another opportunity for us to educate the public about the risk factors for oral cancer,” said Dr. Doolin. “We are pleased that our reputation as an education-focused dental practice has resulted in gaining early access to this potentially life-saving medical device.”

Traditional risk factors for oral cancer are a previous history of cancer, tobacco use (including smokeless tobacco) and excessive use of alcohol; drinking alcohol in conjunction with tobacco use greatly increases oral cancer risk. However, up to 40 % of oral cancers occur in patients without these risk factors or other significant lifestyle risks. Contributing to the increase in oral cancers is the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus (HPV), the fastest growing cause of oral cancer.

Those interested in receiving a free oral cancer screening at Rochester Advanced Dentistry should contact the office at 248.656.2020.


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Rochester Advanced Dentistry was founded in Rochester in 1990 by Dr. Kurt Doolin. Dr. Jeff Haddad joined Dr. Doolin in the practice in 2002. In addition to their dental school training, both dentists are fellows of The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and lecture nationally on TMJ and cosmetic dentistry. For more information, please visit