When your upper gums are more prominent than your teeth, it can be unattractive and embarrassing, as well as making the teeth appear small. This is called a ‘gummy’ smile, generally treated with painless laser oral surgery. The excess tissue is removed, exposing more tooth enamel. The teeth are then bleached with Zoom! laser tooth whitening or receive porcelain veneers, and the results are stunning.

In more severe cases, the cause might not be too much gum tissue but too much bone. To solve this problem, a cosmetic ‘gum lift’ can surgically remove excess bone, customizing the gum tissue to meet the higher gum line. This is generally followed with porcelain veneers or, occasionally, metal free, all-porcelain crowns.

Why suffer with a gummy smile when you can enjoy a youthful, beautiful smile so easily? In fact, treating your gummy smile can be just one phase of a complete smile makeover!

Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Jeffrey Haddad and Dr. Kurt Doolin at Rochester Advanced Dentistry in Rochester, MI can redesign your smile in total comfort, with a variety of solutions that include the solutions we’ve just discussed, as well as these state-of-the-art dental restoration procedures:

If fear of the dentist is holding you back, Rochester Advanced Dentistry offers specialized sedation services to help you get the dental care you need without fear. If the cost is causing you to avoid regular dental care, affordable financing is also available to suit your budget.