When getting a smile makeover, it’s important to make sure that you avoid common mistakes like not getting enough restorations for your smile makeover.

But sometimes you might realize you didn’t get enough restorations at first, or other problems might become apparent over time, and you realize your smile makeover needs to be expanded. Although uncommon, here are some reasons why that happen.

Smile makeoverNoticing Natural Tooth Problems

One of the most common reasons why this happens is that people didn’t realize how their other teeth looked until they got a smile makeover.

It makes sense. When you have a few teeth that really stand out as needing attention, you might not see some of the other teeth that are also not as attractive as they should be. When the teeth most in need get fixed, other problems become apparent. Or maybe the other teeth just attracted attention because they were in the center. And now that they look good, it’s easy to see that the others, well, don’t. It may be time to add more porcelain veneers to make sure your entire smile is beautiful.

Poor Match with Natural Teeth

Some dentists are good at matching restorations to natural teeth, but some aren’t. That’s why one perfect tooth is the biggest challenge in cosmetic dentistry. But if your cosmetic dentist told you the new restorations would match your natural teeth, but they don’t you might want to get more restorations so that your whole smile looks beautiful.

If this is the problem, we can consider replacing the poorly matched restorations, adding new restorations to match the ones you have, or adding a whole new set of restorations that expands your smile makeover.

Natural Teeth Stained or Damaged

Maybe your smile makeover looked perfect at first, but over time it has come to look less attractive. Your restorations are very durable and stain resistant, but often the same can’t be said for your natural teeth. Natural teeth are prone to staining, they can develop decay, and they may chip and crack.

If this happens, it may be time to re-match your natural teeth with your veneered teeth by putting in new veneers. And if your old restorations are actually damaged, they can be replaced at the same time, too.

Functional Problems

Ideally, your smile makeover should be as functional as it is beautiful, but that’s not always the case. Not all cosmetic dentists are also neuromuscular dentists. They may not be able to design a smile makeover that promotes the healthy function of your jaw joint. Your smile makeover may contribute to developing bite problems such as TMJ.

Sometimes, you might need a more comprehensive reconstruction to take care of bite issues. That may take the expertise of a neuromuscular dentist. We are trained in handling these problems and can make sure your restorations are both functional and attractive.

Are You Unhappy with Your Smile Makeover Results?

We understand how disappointing it is if you’re unhappy with the results of your smile makeover. If you’ve gotten a smile makeover from another dentist but are unsatisfied, we can help you get the results you’re looking for. Please call (248) 656-2020 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.