It’s common to assume that getting dental implants will automatically be an improvement over dentures, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes, you may invest in a dental implant procedure that won’t give you better results than you started with. Here’s a quick guide that can help you understand the issues so you always get dental implants that help.

Dental Implants Better Than Dentures

With Partial Dentures, They Always Help

If you have partial dentures, dental implants will always help. That is, if the implants are properly designed to take the place of the dentures.

Partial dentures tend to be loose, uncomfortable, and can even be bad for your teeth. Partial dentures are also the replacement option most likely to have visible hooks and clasps. And many partial dentures aren’t functional for eating.

An implant-supported restoration to replace partial dentures will always be more functional, comfortable, and attractive than the denture.

But make sure there are enough implants to support the restoration. Cantilevered dentures placed on implants (bridges that are supported on one side) may not function properly and may lead to broken implants.

With Lower Dentures, 2 or More Will Help

Lower dentures are not very secure. They can seem more secure than a partial denture because there are no lower teeth to contrast them with, although they’re often not more secure. But you’ll probably notice the decrease in bite force and some of the foods that you have to give up. You’ll also notice that the dentures are likely to come out in certain situations.

Dental implants can easily improve the function of lower dentures. It just takes two implants to make a lower denture stable, which can make your experience much better. However, you may not notice an improvement in function or bite force with just two implants. That may take four implants or more, depending on the configuration.

With Upper Dentures, It May Take 4 for Improvement

Upper dentures are often better than lower dentures. They are more stable because they include a palate that provides more suction and therefore more stability. Because of this, two implants won’t usually give enough stability to improve upper dentures. It may not even give enough stability to remove the upper palate cover, which can affect your taste and may be making your dentures seem bulky.

To get a real improvement in an upper denture, four implants are usually required. But with four implants on the top and bottom, you can usually enjoy normal biting and chewing force, allowing you to eat all your favorite foods again.

Let Us Design a Better Implant Procedure for You

If you’re looking to replace a current denture with dental implants, don’t let a dentist design one that’s not going to improve your quality of life. Let us design a replacement that will allow you to meet your goals for appearance, function, and comfort. Dr. Kurt A. Doolin is a highly trained expert on dental implants and he can help you get the results you’re looking for.

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