When taking a picture, are you happy with the person smiling back at you? For many people, the appearance of their smile can affect their confidence, which in turn, affects how they interact with others personally and profes-sionally. Every time people talk, shout, smile, or laugh, their teeth are revealed to the people around them. It is an important part of a person’s overall appearance and opinion of themselves. A person’s smile may even play a large role in how successful they are in life.

No matter what your age or occupation, having attractive teeth can be crucial to your self-image. In today’s job market, people are looking for any advantage over their competitors. Confidence is an attribute that the majority of employers look for in a potential candidate. In fact, we have had patients invest in their teeth in order to confidently interview for a new job, stating their smile was actually hindering them. We have also had several of our patients report increases in their overall occupational success as well as improvement in their personal relationships.

young adult woman smiling with teeth

Over the years, this has become a common theme for people who just feel that they are unable to reach their potential with their present smile. Many factors may affect the appearance of your smile. These include:

• Size, shape, spacing of teeth

• Dull, yellowing, or chipped teeth

Crowded or crooked teeth

• Older dental fillings or crowns

• Many options are available to correct these issues: • Porcelain Veneers • Orthodontics • Bonding or Advanced whitening

People visit their dentists to make their teeth look as healthy as possible. Once dentists treat your dental problems, your smile becomes something you can be proud of. A new smile will boost your self-esteem and could help you become more successful. Although each patient’s circumstances vary, most patients regret not addressing their teeth sooner. They now exude confidence without the fear of showing their teeth in conversation. I have watched patients change from a seemingly introverted person into the outgoing, confident person they wanted to be. No one should fear expressing their happiness, humor, or compassion in the most universally understood form of expression: smiling.