With all the advances in cosmetic dentistry, we can do so many more things than we used to be able to. We can replace teeth with fully functional dental implants. We can produce porcelain veneers that aren’t just attractive–they’re stronger than your tooth enamel.

But one of the most amazing things about modern cosmetic dentistry is that it’s really available to anyone. Even if you think cosmetic dentistry is out of your budget, there are many ways you can make it more within your reach.

Special Bargains

Special bargains happen all the time in cosmetic dentistry. For example, we donated a $16,000 smile makeover to the Lead in the Holidays event. The smile makeover will be auctioned off, and will likely sell for significantly less than face value.

Of course, this isn’t something you can plan on, but if you keep your eyes open, you never know what you might find.

Cosmetic dentistry patient

Actual cosmetic dentistry patient at Rochester Advanced Dentistry!


Good old fashioned thrift can go a long way. We know it seems like there’s no place in your budget where you can find the money, but there are actually many ways to make a big difference in your budget. Cutting out your daily Starbucks habit can easily save $1500-$2000 a year. If you eat out once a week with your family, cutting that out can save $3000 or more a year. Instead of Ladies’ Night Out, have Ladies’ Night In, and save that much or more.

With saving, it’s just a question of making priorities. If your smile makeover is your top goal, treat it that way and make a few sacrifices along the way–it’s worth it.


If it’s easier than making a budget up front, cosmetic dentistry financing is available. Terms are available for five years or more, depending on the amount you finance. Often, there are even zero-interest terms available.

This is often better than taking the time to save. Many dental conditions are progressive, and if you put off treatment, you might end up needing more expensive treatment, which defeats the purpose. Financing lets you enjoy your new smile now, and you don’t have to worry about your condition getting worse.

Phased Treatment

But you may be able to get your new smile now (more or less) without financing if you take advantage of phased treatment. Sometimes, it may take multiple cosmetic procedures to achieve the appearance you want. If that’s the case, we might not do all the procedures at once, but space them out. Then you can pay for the procedures as you go.

Sometimes we have to do your procedures in phases anyway (such as dental implants and orthodontics), so this just makes sense.

More Affordable Alternatives

Often, there’s more than one way to achieve the results you want. And some of these alternatives are more expensive than others. If you have a tight budget, we can often choose a more economical option. There are always tradeoffs, but we might be able to find a suitable compromise.

Don’t Eliminate Options until You Talk to a Cosmetic Dentist

The point is, cosmetic dentistry is more accessible than it’s ever been. Even if you have a relatively tight budget, we can often find ways for you to get your smile makeover. Or maybe start making plans for the future.

To learn more about your options for affordable cosmetic dentistry in the Detroit area, please call (248) 656-2020 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.