Baby boomers are generally defined as people born between 1946 and 1964 in the post WWII era. About 77 million Americans were born in this time period, making it significantly larger than the generations preceding or following it. Due to the number of aging boomers, about 10,000 are reaching retirement age every day! As Americans approach retirement age and beyond, healthcare and quality of life become increasingly significant and often guide important decision making.

Baby Boomers and Dentistry: Three ways to achieve and maintain dental health as we age

1. See your dentist for regular checkups

While seemingly obvious, this is one of the most efficient ways to ensure dental health. In addition to routine home care and maintenance, we recommend patients see their dentist at least twice a year for a general “check up” and teeth cleaning. Not only will your dentist examine your mouth, teeth, gums, and bite, he or she will also screen for a host of other dental and medical problems. Dentists often have a unique opportunity to not only treat patients’ oral health, but also screen for other medical conditions that may manifest initially in patients’ mouths.

2. Replace Missing Teeth

  • On average, Americans between the ages of 50 and 64 will have lost as many as six teeth (not including the “wisdom” teeth)
  • Ten percent of people over age 50 have lost all of their teeth, and for those over age 75, that number jumps to one in three.

Although tooth loss is often a traumatic experience for the patient, the importance of understanding tooth replacement options, as well as potential problems associated with choosing not to replace a tooth, are very important. Missing teeth, also known as edentulism, often brings with it esthetic, functional, and psychosocial concerns. Some of these concerns include diminished facial support, loss of jaw bone support for other teeth, drifting and shifting of neighboring teeth, inability to eat/chew, difficulty speaking, and an overall decrease in quality of life. If left untreated, these issues continue to progress and often require additional and costly treatment to correct.

What should be done if you have lost or are losing teeth?

Depending on the number of teeth missing, as well as the severity of the condition, different options exist for treatment of complete or partial tooth loss. Often times, the best option to replace missing teeth involves the use of dental implants. Dental implants have quickly become the “gold standard” when discussing best practices related to tooth replacement options. They not only mimic the roots of natural teeth, but also offer the ability to replace single or multiple teeth without relying on neighboring teeth to provide support. With today’s technology, dental implants can offer amazingly esthetic and functional results when used in the proper indications.

At Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry, we utilize a thorough examination and consultation to guide you towards a personalized plan for tooth replacement options. We also use specialized radiographs and CT scans to determine if you are a candidate for dental implant placement. If so, your CT scan is used to plan your entire surgery to ensure perfect placement and optimal longevity of your dental implant(s).  This is especially important for patients who have had missing teeth for an extended period of time

Utilize Technology to help you achieve your long term dental goals

Today, updates in dental technology allow for pain free, efficient, functional and beautiful dentistry to be our standard of care.

Efficiency: In today’s busy world, the last thing people want to do is spend all day in the dental office. Luckily, many appointment treatment times have been cut in half because of advancements in technology. We are able to perform better dentistry in less time, with patients requiring less follow-up visits than ever before.

Predictability: Better imaging and diagnostics allow for dentists to make better decisions prior to recommending or starting treatment. In addition, better dental materials and techniques allow for long lasting, aesthetic dentistry to be attainable for each and every dental patient.

Comfort and Experience:  Dentistry is all about patient comfort these days, or at least it should be! At Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry, we offer our patients several amenities to help them stay comfortable during their visit. Blankets, music/headphones, video glasses, beverages, neck pillows and hot towels are offered to every patient to provide an amazing dental experience.

Paying close attention to these three tips will help you achieve your dental care goals and increase your quality of life, no matter what your age. Please contact us if we can be of service in your ongoing journey toward optimal dental health.