Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option available. They look like natural teeth. They work just like natural teeth. And you can care for them like natural teeth.

But there’s one thing about dental implants that people haven’t liked in the past. It used to be that dentists would take months placing crowns and bridges on dental implants. That meant that you had to wait a long time before you got to enjoy the beauty of dental implants.

But now you can get teeth on the same day: having your dental implants placed in your jaw and getting crowns on the same day.

Here’s why this might be a much better way to do dental implants.

Senior mother sitting in cafe bar or restauant with her middle age daughter and enjoying in conversation - something she can only do because of a new dental implant procedure.

It’s Very Successful

The old process for dental implants allowed time for dental implants to heal before the dental crown was placed. During this healing process, the bone grew around and attached to the dental implant, called osseointegration. We used to believe that this process happened best if the implant was protected from outside forces. That’s why we didn’t put a crown on the implant, and sometimes would even bury it under your gums.

However, it turns out that in most cases the potential for biting and chewing forces doing damage to an implant is balanced by the way these forces stimulate the body to speed bone growth. As a result, the survival rate of implants topped immediately with dental crowns is about 98%, essentially the same as for implants placed using the older process.

Improves Your Quality of Life

Now a new study shows that this approach to dental implants isn’t just equally successful, it could be more successful in terms of improving a person’s quality of life. The study is small, but its results compelling.

This study looked at 24 patients who got dental implants. These patients, age 18-60, chose to either get their implants placed right away (8) or chose to have them placed using the longer method. Then researchers surveyed the patients to determine how getting an implant affected their quality of life.

They found that those who got dental crowns on their implants right away had a higher quality of life than those who waited. The biggest impact was seen for dental implants located in the front part of the mouth, where a missing tooth is highly visible.

Most People Are Candidates

Another benefit of this approach to dental implants is that most people can take advantage of it. People who are good candidates for dental implants will likely be able to enjoy this immediate placement of dental restorations on top of their implants.

There is a slight caveat: we won’t know for sure that you’ll be a candidate until after we place the dental implant. We have to make sure that the implant is actually as stable as necessary before placing a crown or bridge on top of it.

Thanks to advanced imaging technology like CT scans and computerized planning, we can minimize the uncertainty around your dental implants, but we can’t eliminate it completely. We can say, though, that most people can enjoy the benefits of dental implants immediately.

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