Surgical facelifts are in sharp decline. And it’s no wonder: these expensive procedures come with many drawbacks, such as discomfort, surgical risks, long recovery times. So it’s no wonder that people are looking for easier ways to achieve facial rejuvenation. In fact, even plastic surgeons are avoiding facelifts.

Recently, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), singled out one of these alternative methods as being the cause of facelift’s decline: photo filters. Although programs like Facetune and Slim & Skinny do provide some great tools to refine your pictures, there are many reasons why these filters aren’t a true alternative to a facelift. Instead, people should consider a genuine rejuvenation procedure like a nonsurgical facelift. Here’s why.

7 Photo Filter Failings | Cosmetic Dentist Rochester MI

The Effect Can Look Fake

Photo filters have versatile toolkits that let them provide many different types of rejuvenation. They can smooth your skin to eliminate pores, scars, and wrinkles. They can add glow or eliminate a double chin. It’s easy to go through and pick many different effects you want to achieve.

So easy that you can lose track of all the things you’re doing, including their side effects. As you modify your facial appearance, you can easily end up with a photoshop fail. The image either won’t look like you or it will be so clearly modified that when everyone sees it, they will know what you’re doing, and they will know that the picture doesn’t really reflect your actual age.

What about the Pictures Others Take?

Many of the pictures of you that end up online are selfies, but if you’re out with your friends, everyone has a camera, and everyone’s going to be posting pictures online. You can edit your appearance in the pictures you take, but you don’t have any control over the pictures that other people take.

So, if you’re relying on photo filters to rejuvenate your appearance, you will have to spend your time dodging cameras every time you’re out with friends. And what’s the fun of that?

It Doesn’t Help in Person

These days, more and more of our social interactions are online, so photo filters can be a great help there. You can look younger for your social media friends and followers.

But what about the people that you meet FTF? If you don’t do anything about your actual facial appearance, you’ll look significantly older in person that you will when you meet someone for a first date, have a job interview, or do public speaking.

The Disparity Can Be Jarring

When your picture doesn’t match your appearance, it can cause problems for your FTF meetings. First impressions make a big difference, and often these are made online. But if people see you and you don’t look at all like your picture, they can revise their impression of you.

This can make it harder to maintain offline relationships.

You Can Feel Bad because Your Reality Falls Short

Perhaps the most important offline relationship you have is with yourself. No matter how you interact with people online, you will see yourself in person. This can cause problems if your personal image doesn’t match your carefully crafted online image.

Instead of being confident in your appearance, the ritual of constantly editing your pictures to erase different parts of your appearance can wear you down. You become acutely aware of all the aesthetic concerns that you spend so much time working to fix. That can be a real drain on your self-esteem.

It Won’t Fix Your Teeth

Oh, sure, photo editing software can make your smile look better in pictures. It can brighten and straighten your teeth. There are many minor imperfections that can be erased.

But it won’t help with your actual teeth. Many cosmetic problems with your teeth are also functional and health problems. Just editing the appearance in pictures won’t help your teeth to be healthy, and it won’t save you with health problems that can stem from bad teeth, including heart disease and dementia.

It Won’t Help Your Jaw

Your teeth are often the cause of facial wrinkles, sagging jowls, and excess skin under the neck. As your teeth get worn down, they don’t provide enough support for your facial tissues, causing them to sag.

But it’s not just your skin that can suffer when your teeth don’t provide enough support. Your jaw may be out of position, and this can lead to significant bite problems, such as TMJ. Photo editing won’t help these problems, which can also lead to more wear on your teeth. If you want to really stop the problem, you have to address the cause.

Rejuvenation without Surgery

There are many good reasons to avoid facelift surgery. But if you can get a nonsurgical facelift that will also restore your teeth and your jaw, that’s a much better option than just trying to use a filter for every picture.

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