These days, you can buy teeth whitening systems pretty much anywhere. The drug store. The grocery store. Even the corner convenience store sells at least a few options.

These products can work for some people: they can be effective. But when you’ve tried them, you haven’t gotten good results. Why won’t they work for you?

Teeth Whitening

Wrong Type of Whitener

It could be that you’re using the wrong kind of whitener. There are two basic types of whitener: abrasive whiteners, which you want to avoid, and chemical whiteners. Abrasive whiteners–often whitening toothpastes–might seem like they’re working at first, but they will wear away your tooth enamel, causing your teeth to look yellow.

Chemical whiteners typically use the same chemicals, a peroxide chemical that breaks down stains in your teeth. But they come in many different systems to deliver the whitening chemical to your teeth. Some of these systems are more effective than others. You might want to try several to see if any of them work.

User Error

Not all teeth whitening systems are as easy to use as advertised. Take time to read the directions again and follow them step-by-step to make sure you’re doing it right. If you still can’t get it to work, you can try a different system.

Poorly Fitting Tray and Strips

One of the ways that over-the-counter teeth whitening works is by having a tray that you use to put whitener in. These trays are often poorly fitting, even if they are supposedly custom-fitted trays in the boil-and-bite style. If you want to get effective results from teeth whitening, your tray needs to fit properly. Sometimes, it makes sense to visit your dentist for custom fit trays, then use the whitening compound from over-the-counter kits.

Whitening strips are even worse–it can be very hard to get these to conform to your teeth properly. And even if they conform to the teeth, they may not whiten evenly all the way to the gums. People who whiten with strips often have small crescents of discoloration at the base of the teeth or lines at the edges of teeth.

Not Strong Enough

Maybe you’re doing everything right, but the problem is with the whitener. Over-the-counter whitening systems are of limited strength. That’s to protect people from accidental burns and irritation.

But it also means that the amount of whitening you can achieve with these systems is very limited, and if your teeth aren’t getting white enough, it might just be because the whitening compound isn’t strong enough to break down your stains.

Wrong Type of Discoloration

However, sometimes it doesn’t matter how strong the whitening compound is: some stains just won’t respond to whitening. Discoloration that’s caused by enamel defects, thin enamel, or damage to the interior of the tooth just won’t whiten. You can do everything right and have an effective whitening system, but you still won’t see the results you want.

Professional Whitening Works

If you’re having trouble with your over-the-counter whitening system, maybe it’s time to get professional teeth whitening instead. When you add up all the time and money you might waste on ineffective whitening systems that can be a hassle, you realize that professional teeth whitening isn’t expensive: it’s a bargain.

With professional whitening, we will evaluate your teeth to make sure they’ll respond to whitening. We’ll then deliver you a whitening product that is proven to be effective. KöR teeth whitening is an incredibly effective teeth whitening system. And we’ll instruct you on how to use the system properly so you get the results you’re looking for.

And if whitening won’t work for you, we will show you options that will, like porcelain veneers.

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