Have you been considering straightening your teeth, but weren’t sure whether it was worth it? We understand your reluctance, but there are few things you can do to improve the appearance of your smile that will have more of a positive impact on the appearance, health, and longevity of your smile than straightening your teeth with orthodontics. Here are just some of the many benefits you get from straightening your teeth.

5 Reasons to Straighten Your Teeth | Orthodontics Rochester Mi

Better First Impressions

Your smile matters most when you first meet someone. It’s what people will notice first about you, and it’s what they’re most likely to remember from your first meeting. And if you’re looking to make a better first impression, then straighter teeth can make all the difference.

How do we know? Surveys have shown that many people respond negatively to people with crooked teeth. About 38% of people won’t go on a second date if they find the person has crooked teeth. And if you have straight teeth, you may be 45% more likely to get a job. These are two big chances to make a great first impression that can be ruined by crooked teeth.

Easier Cleaning

Crooked teeth can be hard to clean. You may spend a significant amount of time after lunch fishing in your teeth with a pick or flosser to try to remove something lodged there. Or maybe you have a hard time cleaning that one spot where your teeth are crowded. And there are some places that are really hard to get floss into.

And the cleaning problems aren’t just at home. When you come in for a regular hygiene visit, you know that you haven’t been cleaning your teeth well from the amount of time you have to spend with the hygienist. They may even hint politely that you need to brush and floss more.

But that’s not the problem. The problem is that you just can’t reach all the spaces in your smile. Getting your teeth straightened helps eliminate these hard-to-clean places so it’ll be easier to clean your teeth at home and at the hygienist.

Lower Risk of Gum Disease

When you have trouble cleaning your teeth all the time, you’re at a higher risk of gum disease. But when you straighten your teeth, your hygiene can improve and your risk of gum disease can drop.

In fact, studies show it can drop by nearly half! A large study shows that people who had gotten orthodontics had a 45% lower risk of gum disease than those who never had their teeth straightened.

And if your risk of gum disease is lower, you are likely at a lower risk for many of the other complications that can come with gum disease, such as tooth loss, dementia, heart disease, and more.

Better Eating

Straight teeth can make it easier to enjoy food. You’ll bite more effectively, chew more efficiently, and be able to savor more foods. No need to leave healthy fresh fruits and vegetables out of your diet. And you don’t need to cut things up into small pieces or take forever chewing them.

And you’ll probably notice that some of your digestive difficulties–upset stomach, gas, reflux, may go down, too, now that you’re able to chew your food better.

And you can say goodbye to having so many pieces of lettuce caught in your teeth.

Lower Risk of Chips and Cracks

Teeth are strongest when they’re experiencing force right in the direction from the root to the crown: straight up and down. Our teeth are about four times stronger in this direction than in other directions. They count on being braced to resist pressure from other directions.

But if your teeth are crooked, they will often be stressed in their weak directions. They will also not brace one another. This leads to a higher risk of cracked or chipped teeth.

Straighter Teeth Are Easier to Get Than Ever

If you have crooked teeth, you don’t have to stick with them. You have more options than ever for getting straight teeth. And it may not require fixed metal brackets and wires.

We offer Invisalign, which lets you use clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. We also offer functional orthodontics that helps your teeth and jaw to develop more to their natural proportions, which can not only straighten teeth, but also provide even more benefits (such as an improved airway) that might not come with traditional braces.

To learn more about the options we offer for getting a beautiful, straight smile and all these other benefits, please call (248) 656-2020 today for an appointment with a Rochester, MI cosmetic dentist at Doolin-Haddad Advanced Dentistry.